AluJoint Range

DEXA AluJoint 4545

Dimensions: 4,5 x 4,5 m


Octagonal or hexagonal corner joints in log construction always used to be a problem.

We tried all ordinary production methods, and it's virtually impossible to machine them in corner configuration that is absolutely weather/water proof long term.

But finally ! We have designed and implemented an original DEXA AluJoint in aluminium profile, which is stable and strong, 100% weather/water proof and also can be insulated.

45 degree corners, available for 44mm wall logs only.

DEXA AluJoint 4545

Available wall thickness: 45mm

Size (m): 4,5 x 4,5

Wall Height (mm): 2080mm

Ridge Height (mm): 3000mm

The complete kit of This Log Cabin contains:

  • All pre-cut and notched wall logs and roof beams
  • 28mm T&G panels for sectional floor
  • Impregnated floor bearers and foundation beams
  • 19mm thick panels for sectional roof
  • All fixtures, door locks and handles
  • Fascias, skirtings, other decoration components
  • Assembly drawings
  • 1 x Door - double glazed 1930 x 1410mm
  • 4 x Casement windows - double glazed 1520 x 1310mm
  • Packed on pallest, PE film wrapping


  • All cabins can be made complete with single glazed windows as well, please specify when ordering.
  • Above images are for illustration purposes only.
  • Roof tiles not included in standard specification, but are available as extra.

Please check the specification at time of order.