We can ship to literary any destination in the World. We have shipped to Japan and Iceland by sea containers, but most of our deliveries are by road. We use curtain sided articulated lorries, side loading/off-loading by forklift trucks. Minimum lifting capacity of the forklift truck for offloading is 2,5T and it's buyers's responsibility to arrange for it.

The most cost effective way of transporting our cabins to export destinations in Europe is by full lorry load. Just in case if you wanted to check approximate transport costs with your hauliers - full lorry load is 12 cabin kits in 45mm wall thickness, approximate cabin size 5 x 5 (m), or - 24 cabins with size 3 x 3 (m) and made of 28mm wall logs.

Buyer can make his own transport arrangements with his preferred haulier, or we can book the lorry for loading and transport company will invoice buyer direct, for transport payment by wire transfer.

If you are going to order one cabin kit, or few - but not the full load - please discuss transport costs with us before you make quote to the end buyer. Transport costs per cabin from part load usually are higher than per cabin from full load shipment, as transport company is collecting cargo from many addresses and transport costs vary depending on cargo volume, weight and delivery location.