How to order

How to buy from us?

1. Select the cabin(-s):

a) Browse our website and select the standard cabin.

b) Decide on wall thickness – most of designs are available in wall thickness of 28mm / 35mm / 45mm / 70mm or TwinSkin two layer wall with cavity for insulation 35+35mm / 45+45mm / 70+70mm.

c) If you have your own ideas about cabin design – please email or fax your inquiry with a simple drawing of cabin floorplan, show basic measurements and window/door positions. Or you can use our standard design as reference and list changes you want to be made. Will work out our quote for your bespoke design, must be said that bespoke cabins are roughly 20% more in price to compare with similar size/specification standard cabin. Bespoke cabin means new set of drawings and CNC programming for production, drawing confirmation by the customer, after cabin is cut we will erect it at the mill for control and take apart for packaging – it all is adding to production time and costs and therefore reflects in price.

2. Fill in the Order Form:

a) Download our order form.pdf

b) Fill in all green fields, use BLOCK LETTERS:

  • Company/Person name & Legal Address.
  • VAT reg. Nr. If you are not VAT registered, we will add VAT on top of our export price (VAT is 21% in Lithuania).
  • Product name / Code. Please use same cabin names and codes as in our website.
  • Size (m). Cabin size in metres. Numbers in our product codes mean cabin sizes, actually. First two numbers are front wall measurement, and next two numbers are side wall measure, all in metres.
  • Q-ty. Quantity of each cabin design you want to order.
  • Price per Item. Price of each item in Euro. If you are trade customer – you have asked for and have received our trade pricelist already. If you are end buyer – you have sent your inquiry to us and have received our quote. Price depends on many factors – delivery terms and location, order volume, etc... We do sales campaigns time by time, we may apply discounts on order volume when one or two designs are ordered in full load or even bigger numbers... Let’s negotiate – you are buying from the factory direct, and we are flexible.
  • Goods required (Week Number). Our standard order lead time is 3 weeks for standard designs from date when deposit is paid to goods ready for shipment. Bespoke designs are usually on 4 weeks lead time. Transportation to UK or Ireland is about one week, sometimes less. We will confirm each particular order lead time before you pay your deposit for it.

3. Send us your order form by email or by fax to +370-445-55221.

4. Having reviewed your order and discussed it with you by email or/and by phone, we will issue the Pro-Forma Invoice.

5. You will pay deposit 50% from Pro-Forma Invoice amount by bank transfer to our company account, as per banking instructions shown on the Pro-Forma.

6. Your order lead time starts when we receive your deposit, usually SWIFT transfer takes 1-2 banking days.

7. When your order is complete from production and is being packaged, you will be informed about your order readiness for shipment, and this is the time for you to put the balance of remaining 50% of payment through the bank.

8. Having received your balance payment, we will book your cabin(-s) for shipment by articulated lorry and will keep you advised about shipment date, estimated time of arrival, we will fax/email you CMR international waybill and export invoice as well as packing list with stock numbers of your load.

9. Thought all our shipments are covered by carrier’s insurance policy, please check visually your cargo before discharging from the lorry. If serious damages noticed, cargo badly shifted – let us know immediately, make sure you have made some photographs of cargo damages before unloading – and – IMPORTANT! – you can sign the CMR form for receive of cargo only after we have made our claim against transport company in writing, for possibly damaged cargo in transit. You are not left alone, all issues will be dealt with, to ensure you are getting from us what you have paid for.