TOP-NOTCH quality

The economic/financial turmoil of recent years has brought a lot of change into timber industry worldwide.

We are proud to say that what was called a “bad times” by many, was and still is, years of rapid growth of export sales and heavy investment into new sawmill and better window/door production equipment, factory’s infrastructure and new jobs. And it’s not because we were just lucky, but due to our focus on quality aspects, and most of all – due to support of our customers in form of continuous orders. As saying is “what goes round – it comes round” ; we deliver quality and win their orders...

Therefore we are convinced – QUALITY SURVIVES !

What makes our cabins different from competition?

When shopping for your cabin, you always do comparison of prices, but don’t leave aside the practical aspects of cabin specification and quality:

- Floor thickness. Our standard floor is Tongue&Grooved planed profile in 28mm thickness. Most of our competitors offer 19mm floor, which is too little thickness and therefore strength, to support weight of person walking on it, or weight of furniture. You don’t want noisy and sagging floor in your cabin, don’t you - therefore our standard 28mm is to be considered as minimum floor thickness for log cabin.


- Treated floor joists and foundation beams. All timbers in contact with ground and concrete must be impregnated. No direct contact with ground are allowed for wall logs. Timber is live material and is absorbing moisture – all untreated with preservative floor bearers will get rotten in few years time, and your cabin may collapse, or serious and costly repairs will be required.

- Select quality timber. We use softwoods of selected quality, which fully compares to South Swedish timber quality and comes from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests. Cheap quality cabins, that our competition is bringing to the market - may have finger jointed logs, manufactured from log off-cuts from main production. Yes, they come cheaper than our solid logs, but do you know for sure, if proper exterior grade glue has been used by our competitor in production of finger-jointed log? Think twice before making your decision - what are the consequences of glued joints coming apart in roof beam or wall log? Each manufacturer is getting a lot of short length pieces in log cabin production and you can’t avoid that, as logs are coming in 6m length and must be trimmed to cabin sizes, and we all want to see that part of material coming back into process; it saves material and production costs. But our quality standard does not allow to re-use that material in load carrying structures – our roof beams and wall logs are never finger-jointed, therefore outside moisture or internal tensions in timber will never rip our log or roof beam apart!

- Windows and Doors. They are one of strongest selling point of any cabin. Poor quality window, that you find on offers from competition, will have tiny section frame, single sheet glass with add-on dividers, and non-adjustable hinges. Our single glazed windows are individual panes with dividers properly notched in frame and therefore are not coming out of shape in month or two after installation. Aluminium casement stays help to keep them in open position or serve as secure lock when closed. Our double glazed windows can be made with outside opening frame and 14mm insulated glass as an economy version of double glazed, or as our standard double glazed joinery - Tilt & Turn opening , thick frame in Euro profile with proper 24mm argon insulated glass, rubber seals, multi point locking mechanism and proper handles.

- Secure packaging. Cabins come in kits of all components and fixtures. All flat packaged for better shipment volume. Quality of packaging matters too – believe it or not! There is a lot of package handling involved, if you look at the delivery process: by forklift from packaging room, and then to stock; from stock to lorry for transit to export destination; then cargo lashing onto the lorry with cargo belts; then from lorry to distributor’s stock forklift again; from stock to delivery lorry (forklift or crane); from delivery lorry to site (crane, forklift or manual unloading piece by piece). Our cabin components are properly stacked on pallet which is protecting underneath of pack from forks of forklift truck. Components are stacked in a way which prevents them from damaging each other inside the pack. Package is plastic wrapped and strapped, and protection boards are used on sides and top of pack. Each pack is marked with stock numbers and labels, which together with our internal record and documentation system allows for full traceability of our product.

- Reliability of deliveries. As a manufacturer, you can be good in price or quality as much as you like – but you are still a joke if can’t deliver on time agreed with a customer. Reliability is one of key elements of our service – all standard design cabins are ready for shipment to customer’s address within 3 weeks from date of deposit, and lead time for bespoke cabins is 4 weeks as standard. Order lead time is reconfirmed with a customer when taking each order, which allows customer to plan for delivery or fitting in very much realistic way.