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About Us

The Company - Humble beginnings
Great things often come from small beginnings.
The seed that grew and bloomed into a beautiful flower.
The child that turned into an exceptional surgeon and doctor.
The small local sawmill, IMEDEKSA, that became a powerhouse in solid wood construction.

For over 20 years the company has been a leading pioneer in the  field of solid wood construction, with unparalleled passion, knowledge and technological advancement.

For 20 years IMEDEKSA has developed truly unique and versatile wooden constructions for a wide range of clients.

It’s this passion, care and versatility that has lead to awards such as:

‘Strongest in Lithuania’



Accolades built on a reputation of reliability, stability and a proven financial track record.

Much like the northern fir that we’ve selected as our raw material, we’ve become stronger over time, more robust and we’ve grown into something truly beautiful.

What makes IMEDEKSA stand out though, on top of all of this, is a true and meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of wood construction that makes our products standalone and unique in a market that is bland and basic.

IMEDEKSA is incredibly versatile, which is what makes us so unique, as we constantly develop our offerings and product range.


Sustainability is incredibly important to us here at IMEDEKSA and we believe that it should be at the very core of our industry, especially as we rely on available materials for longevity.

This is why all of our constructions come from sustainably managed forests meaning we’re not only environmentally conscious but we constantly have the future in mind.

The level of attention and care we have in selecting our sustainable, raw materials is what makes our wooden buildings so beautiful. Our customers also love our rich back story as they know everything we do is built from passion, love and a deep knowledge.

Sustainability for us is not just about where our wood comes from though, it’s also about the quality of the wood, which means our structures stand the test of time.


We came from small, humble beginnings and so does our choice of raw material: Northern Fir.

It’s no accident we use Northern Fir for all of our constructions: from it’s small, slow start it achieves strength and grandeur, much like IMEDEKSA, solidifying our back-story.

Northern Fir has a slow and steady growth, much slower than most other trees used for construction. This is due to the extremely cold weather it must endure in an unforgiving climate. This is what makes the wood durable and robust, absolutely perfect for sustainable and long-term construction.

Plus, as any wooden structure must not exceed 16-18% humidity, it is our secret ingredient as it has already proven itself over its lifetime, battling the cold and damp throes of mother nature.


Life imitates art and we believe our wooden constructions should too.

While we focus on sustainability and safety of our structures we also take pride in delivering projects that are pleasing to the eye; art.

Beauty shines through in every aspect of our wooden buildings from the choice and source of our materials right down into the meticulous detail of our joinery solutions that are bespoke to our clients.

Standing back and looking at any one of our projects you get a sense of IMEDEKSA, the detail in the joinery, the grandeur of the northern fir, the high-level finish and the unique nature of every construction.

Product range

The true spirit of IMEDEKSA is to create a custom structure specific for the client and with our wide range of products currently available we can do just that.

Every single order we take is an opportunity for us to create an entirely unique wooden house. Even when choosing a product from our catalogue, there is an option at every stage to customise the project to the way you want it.

It is our ethos that the wooden buildings we create will not only perfectly meet every clients expectations and dreams but go above and beyond what they can ever imagine.

These are just a few of our offerings:

About Us


Sheds are a protective shelter for your tools, your workshop and oftentimes your livelihood. It stands to reason then that it must be built to a high quality and standard which is why we select only the strongest wood that is rot proof, durable and robust.



With the benefits of sauna (increased blood circulation, pain reduction, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, stress management) now being widely recognised it has increased the popularity of these wooden constructions massively.


Garden rooms

A popular product as the summer months come around.
Wooden structures are a beautiful addition to the garden, especially when they have been made with an artistic flare in mind.


Hobby cabins

A home while you’re at home.
You’ve heard of ‘man-caves’, ‘gaming bunkers’, ‘dens’, these are universal and not age dependant.

These are just a few of the wooden constructions that IMEDEKSA make.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver custom, stylish and robust structures to fit our clients needs, we are open to take on any challenge or project however ambitious it may be.


Our scope for scalability is huge.
We currently have a large catalogue of products that can be customised by changing the basic design: wall thickness, floorboards, doors and windows.

Not only this but we can create custom packaging and labelling in order to sell any product from our range under your very own private label.

We even have the logistics process figured out for reliable and safe delivery of wood products.

This means that we have every step of the process already mapped out and tested for you. We leave no stone unturned in the same way we wouldn’t when we design and construct a building for a client.

We let our attention to detail drive all aspects of our business as this is what our 30 year reputation is built upon.

Track record

Not only has IMEDEKSA been given numerous awards such as: ‘strongest in Lithuania’  and ‘high performance achiever’, we can also proudly say there has yet to be a client we haven’t found the right joinery solution for.

This is because solid wood construction is our passion. We know the industry inside and out and offering magnificent and sustainable structures that over deliver for clients is what we strive for.

As we have always paid special attention in sourcing sustainable materials it means that our company has stood the test of time and will continue doing so for many years to come.

Join us

Now here’s the truly exciting part:

IMEDEKSA is expanding and we need experts like you to join us and our network.

We are looking for independent entrepreneurs, general contractors, growth-orientated and capable construction companies who know their market and want to work with us, an innovative manufacturer of solid wood structures.

With our constant research and development alongside our sustainable ethos, we’re going to be the leaders in solid wood construction so now is the time to jump on board and to grow with us.

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