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We use Northern wood to ensure the steady high quality in our products.

The wall Thickness for a Log Cabin

Typical Thickness Options
Log cabin logs generally come in a range of thickness options. Here are details of some of the most common options on the market:

34mm cabin logs can be suitable for three-season use.

The log cabins  with walls of this thickness are better equipped to deal with harsher weather conditions and can be suitable for year-round use.

If you wish to construct a cabin that you can use year-round, however, 70mm walls can be a better choice. 70mm walls can cope with a wider range of weather conditions and climates.

Those wall logs are perfect for log cabins to be used as a home all year round, offering greater strength, durability and insulation properties.

Doors and Windows

Imedeksa has developed different product lines to help customers save money, whether they have simpler needs or whether they require more complicated wooden doors and wooden windows.
Imedeksa manufactured windows are very hard wearing, and are hand made by skilled joiners. Put simply, our doors and windows are what separate us from the competition.

The dimensions of our wooden doors and wooden windows can be designed to fit various special needs and requirements.
The joinery products listed below show our standard range of windows and doors. All windows and doors are supplied kiln dried and untreated and unpainted as standard.

We offer our standard double glazed units, as shown here. They are also made to a higher standard than most cabin manufacturers out there.

In woodwork and manufacturing, a finger joint is also known as a comb or box joint. This is when two pieces of wood are joined together and glued.
Finger joints are used to make box shapes and allow planks to be longer. Finger-jointed pine is used for manufacturing and designing windows and doors. This type of joint is a strong and aesthetically pleasing one and can make a seemingly ordinary object come alive with design and style.

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