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How Easy Is It To Construct Cabins Made From Interlocking Parts?

All of our beautiful log cabins are made from interlocking timbers. This means that they are easy to construct. It also makes them stronger, more weatherproof, and long-lasting. But what do you need to know about these prefab kits? And how easy is it to construct log cabins made from interlocking parts? Read on to find out more about our interlock log cabins.

Our Interlocking Log Cabins

Traditional log cabins can be a challenge to make from scratch. But modern day gardeners and home owners do not always have the skills of the settlers and pioneers. Cabins made from interlocking parts are a solution that means that anyone can enjoy this traditional look. You do not need advanced carpentry or woodworking skills to construct one.

All the cabins are insulated, twin skin, double walled timber log cabins. These are weatherproof, enduring, strong, sturdy and ideal for year-round accommodation use.

How Easy Is It To Construct These Prefab Kits?

You may be pleased to learn that all of our interlock log cabins comes as a complete kit that will allow you to create the shell of your new garden building. These prefab kits can be assembled by two people with reasonable DIY experience. You don’t need to have advanced skills in joinery or construction.

Designing Your Bespoke Log Cabins

Each and every one of our cabins made from interlocking parts is unique. We offer a bespoke service as standard. Each of our prefab kits is made fresh, to suit your own individual needs and wishes. Your interlock wood cabin will be designed, with your input, to create exactly what you require and desire.

We have tried to create a range of standardised log cabins on a number of occasions. But customers always want something similar, but with certain additions or amendments.  So we offer tailor made cabin kits, so that the customer can get exactly what they want first time round. You don’t need to pay a premium price for this exclusive service. This is just what we do.

Feel free to browse our website for ideas and inspiration. Then get in touch with us with your ideas and your wish list. We’ll work with you to design an interlock log cabin kit that is perfect for you.

Log Cabin Wall Log Details

A number of different widths of walling are available for interlock log cabins.

  • 34, 44mm Timber Walls – Ideal for sheds or storage rooms. This width of timber is robust enough to offer protection against the elements and secure enough to keep your bikes, garden equipment or other belongings out of harm’s way.
  • 60, 70mm Timber Walls – Walls of this width are ideal for residential cabins, garden rooms, summer houses, offices, workshops, and pavilions that are to be used all year round.
  • 90mm Timber Walls – Extremely sturdy log walls of this width are great for lowering winter heating costs. This thick timber helps considerably with heat retention and can provide a better insulated and more luxurious environment. Thicker logs such as these also offer better sound insulation. For the ultimate in durability, warmth and security, walls this thick might be something to consider.

We offer a choice of 44mm or 70mm thick interlock wall logs.

The wall logs that we offer have a double tongue and groove profile for extra strength. The walls lock together securely at the corners of the log cabin structure. The prefab kits for our log cabins allow you to create a solid and wind-proof garden building.

The thickness of the walls provides strength to the structures and natural insulation to help keep the log cabin to a comfortable and more consistent temperature.

44mm wall logs are suitable for log cabins of most sizes and styles. They can be straight cut or chamfered at the ends. They are sturdier over longer spans than thinner logs. While they are fine, however, for home offices, hobby spaces etc., you may like to consider thicker walls if the cabin is to be for full-time residential use.

70mm wall logs are also great of log cabins of a range of sizes and styles. While these will provide a little extra strength and protection, these are still not really ideal for cabins for full-time residential use. Since 70mm logs have to be cut from the top of the tree, they are rarer and we cannot be so choosy. You should note, therefore, that 70mm wall logs usually have more shakes (small splits) in them. These logs are always cut straight at the ends.

By now, you should have a much clearer idea of what we offer with our interlock log cabins. You should also have a better picture of how easy it is to construct cabins made from interlocking parts.

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