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Product specification
Product Code: Sauna5050
Front wall5.0 m
Side wall5.0 m
Wall height2.27 m
Ridge height2.79 m
Door 1,93 x 0,83 m3 vnt.
Door 1,93 x 1,41 m1 pcs.
Window 0,5 x 0,5 m1 pcs.
Window 1,13 x 1,31 m3 pcs.


Our log cabin windows and doors are joinery made to a high specification. The components are manufactured using the latest tooling and they are finished off by hand by our skilled craftsmen. The  window and door hardware handles, locks, hinges we use are the same as the ones you might find on the uPVC windows and doors in your home.

Our floor boards are 28m thick single tongue and groove with expansion gaps on the underside.

A thicker floor is sturdier and will hold more weight, important if you have furniture or other heavy items inside. There is less bounce as you walk across it compared to thinner floors.

The tongue and groove design helps the floor boards to fit together securely.

The expansion gaps on the back of the floor boards are very important. All the wood in your log cabin will expand and shrink in the different seasons and temperatures, this is perfectly natural.

As wood is a natural living product it will expand and shrink as a result of changing weather conditions. A storm brace made from timber. The top log is secured tightly with the lower ‘slotted’ holes secured but left slightly loose to allow the log cabin to expand and shrink unhindered.

All of our log cabins are made from interlocking timbers.  This means they are easy to construct, strong, weather proof, and with the right care they can last a much longer.The two layers of interlocking log cabin timbers allow for insulation to be sandwiched between the two skins of cabin wall. The twin skin log cabin wall thickness options are 34mm + 34mm and 44mm + 44mm with a cavity space of your choice. The walls are also bolted together for additional strength.


At 19 mm they are thick and strong enough to support the roofing material, usually roof shingles.

The tongue and groove profile makes them easy to fit together on the roof and allows for the expansion and contraction of the wood in the different seasons.

The underside, which will be visible inside the log cabin, has a small decorative chamfer to both edges.

Bearers are lengths of wood which are placed on top of your base. The log cabin is then built on top of them. Bearers lift the cabin off the base.
The log cabin packs contain tanalised bearers.
Tanalising is a treatment for external wood including wood which will be in contact with the ground. Tanalising offers long term protection against fungal decay and insect attack greatly extending the life expectancy of the wood.

Using a structural ridge beam for your log cabin roofing is much stronger and more stable than a conventional ridge board held in place with rafters.

Glulam rafter beams are the perfect complement to ridge beams in exposed applications.
Glulam Beams are used as posts and for weight bearing constructions.

Those engineered logs are stress-rated wood beams composed of wood lamination mostly used when necessary for construction in extremely reliable and very adaptable in design.
They come in size of 200*70 mm or 140*70 for construction in between 4.50 to 7.00 metres.


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