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Summer House Designs – Which Kind of Garden Building Do You Prefer?

There are all sorts of different summer house design out there. But some styles remain popular year after year. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together this list of some of the most popular summer house designs. They should help you begin to form an idea of which one might work best on your property.

When deciding which summer house designs might be right for you, it is important to think about aesthetics. But you should also think about the practicalities. Be sure to consider:

  • The site – where you intend to place the summer house and its restrictions and characteristics.
  • How you personally plan to use the new garden building.
  • Your budget, time constraints and abilities. (How much, if any, of the building work you will carry out on your own.)

Once you have thought about these things, consider which of the following types of garden building you might prefer:

A Traditional Log Cabin Summer House

Enduringly popular, practical and long-lasting, a traditional log cabin summer house could be the perfect choice for a wide range of gardens. Made up from a structure of sturdy logs, a log cabin is more solid and imposing than a lightweight plank construction and could be a good option where longevity is a key concern. One of these timber structures is also eco-friendly and sustainable, visually appealing and healthy to spend time in. Log cabin summer house designs are almost infinitely customisable, and it is easy to create a range of bespoke structures.

A Chalet Style Summer House

A wooden chalet style summer house is another enduring and popular design idea. Rather than evoking a log cabin in the woods, a chalet style summer house evokes a delightful mountain retreat. With classic timber style and a high pitched gable, these summerhouses are another way to go if you want a classic and dependable wooden summerhouse design.

A Contemporary Summer House

Building a summer house from wood (the most popular summerhouse construction material) does not mean that you have to go for a traditional shape and style. Both log cabin and chalet style summer houses can have modern features and elements that bring them right up to date. But it is also possible to opt for a much more contemporary style. A contemporary summer house will often feature straight lines and clean profiles. It will often have a flat roof or an unusual roof design. It will also frequently feature larger areas of glazing.

A Corner Summer House

If space is limited, a corner summer house may be just what is required. As the name suggests, these summer houses are designed to fit into a corner of a garden and so make the most of a smaller space. While larger cabins and garden buildings are really only suitable for larger gardens, a corner summerhouse could suit even smaller domestic gardens in towns and cities.

A Canopy Garden Room

A canopy garden room could be an alternative to these other types of garden building. Rather than creating an enclosed indoors space, a canopy garden room is a covered structure that will provide outdoors space that is protected from the elements to a degree. A canopy structure could sit more lightly in the landscape and allow you to really immerse yourself in the natural beauty of your garden. Like a summer house, a canopy garden room could allow you to relax, dine or entertain in your garden, but without solid walls, it could allow you to feel closer to nature.

Other Options to Consider

If none of the popular options above quite appeals, there are a range of different ways to customise your summerhouse design. First of all, it is worthwhile bearing in mind that you can completely change the look and feel of one of these structures by painting them. (Choosing eco-friendly garden paint is the sustainable and ethical choice.)

Bear in mind that you could also customise your summerhouse by growing plants up and around one of these structures. Climbing plants such as roses, clematis or ivy, for example, could give your summerhouse unique charm. Perhaps you might even be able to consider topping a summer house structure with a living roof? Or adding window boxes or even vertical gardens to its walls?

Many summer houses can be designed to your specifications. Often, you will be able to amend the design. You might be able to alter the placement and size of windows and doors, for example. This and other finishing details can help to set your summerhouse apart. Even when building from a kit, making small adjustments and changes can give you a wonderful garden building that is not like anyone else’s and is entirely your own.

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