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Can I Have a Garden Office With a Toilet and Kitchen?
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Can I Have a Garden Office With a Toilet and Kitchen?

If you want to work from home, a garden office could be the perfect solution. A log cabin garden building on your property could allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of your home and find tranquility at the end of your garden. But is it possible for you to create a garden office with a toilet and kitchen? The good news is that the answer is generally yes.

Each of our log home plans can be customized. You could even work out your own log cabin plans and bring them to us. It is possible for you to view some of our most popular floor plans to get some great layout and design ideas for your fully kitted out home office. We can help you create a space where you can work undisturbed, with everything you need during the day right there with you. We offer a complete log building design service, and can provide details of specification and pricing. So drop us a line so we can help make your dream garden office a reality.

What Does Your Dream Garden Office Look Like?

If you have already been thinking about a garden office, you may already have a reasonably good idea of what the space should look like, inside and out. You may already have daydreamed about that perfect desk set up, looking out of a window over a beautiful garden view. You may have imagined the joy of your ‘commute’ from your home to a beautiful garden building nearby.

Our log cabin designs can meet the need of a home worker extremely well. The materials are not only sustainable, eco-friendly and easy on the eye. They also provide a healthy environment in which to spend a big chunk of your days. Wood is a natural and wholesome material, and unlike being around other building materials, being around it can actually improve your health and wellbeing.

Designing the Layout for Your Garden Office

Before deciding on a final design for your home office, however, you should think about how you will actually use the space, in detail. If you want a kitchen area, and a toilet, think carefully about where you would like these to be. How will the main work space be laid out, and how much space will be required?

Think about how you will move from your work area to the toilet, and how you will make a cup of tea or coffee, or snacks through the day. What lighting will be required, and do you need heating or air-conditioning? How will the sun move through the space through each day and throughout the year? What will the light quality and temperatures be like?

Thinking carefully about all of these things can help you to come up with the right design, or select the design that will work best in your particular situation and for your particular needs.

What Utilities Do You Need?

If you would like a kitchen and a toilet in your garden office, you may well need to think about the routes for utilities when choosing a site for the structure. You will need:

  • Mains water connection (or the ability to harvest rainwater and a suitable filtration system).
  • Connection to mains electricity (or to the power sources for renewable generation on site, such as solar panels, a wind turbine or hydroelectric generator if you are lucky enough to have a watercourse on site).
  • Waste water system plumbing. (Either connecting to mains sewerage, a septic system, and/or an eco-friendly greywater treatment system with reed bed etc..)

In terms of electricity, you will need to think about how much power will be required. Do you need electricity just for lighting, or will you also need power for a kettle/ microwave and other kitchen appliances? Will power also be required for water heating, space heating or space cooling?

If you install a toilet, but are not sure how feasible it will be to connect to mains sewerage, you could potentially still have a modern composting toilet. So this is another eco-friendly option to consider.

You should also consider what other utilities may be required for your new garden office. For example, do you require a phone connection? Is a WiFi connection required? A fully connected and fully equipped garden office is often possible. But all these requirements do need to be taken into account when you are considering your various options, and before you begin your build. To bring your dreams of the perfect home working environment to life, contact us today to begin the process. We can help you navigate the process and help you create a garden office that will not only meet but will also exceed your expectations.

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