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Where To Start When Buying a Brand New Pool Side Room (Or Sauna Room)
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Where To Start When Buying a Brand New Pool Side Room (Or Sauna Room)

So, you are thinking about getting a brand new pool side room or sauna room. The options can be exciting. But there are so many things to think about and options to consider. The task can seem overwhelming. How do you make sure that you get a building that truly meets your needs and wishes? How do you narrow down your options to make your dreams a reality? Here is a brief guide to help you work your way through the process.

Dream and Design – Consider What You Really Want and Need

If you are considering a new pool side room or sauna room for your property, you may feel like heading straight to a supplier and getting started right away. But before you approach any vendors, it is important to be clearer in your own mind about what exactly you are looking for.

Consider what you would ideally like to build. Dream big. While, the site, other practical considerations and your budget may limit what is actually possible, it is a good exercise to dream about your perfect pool room or sauna room. It will help you to get a clearer picture of what you really want and need. Check out other pool rooms online. Think about the exterior appearance and the interior design. Start to synthesize your ideas, starting from overall patterns and design before working down into the finer details.

Think About The Site For Your New Pool Side Room or Sauna Room

Once you have your dream for your new pool side room or sauna room firmly in mind, it is time to ground your ideas a little more firmly in reality. Think about the site. Ask yourself questions like, for example:

  • How much space is available for the build?
  • Which direction should the building face?
  • What are the temperatures and light levels like in that location? (This could affect options for lighting, heating, insulation, air conditioning etc.)

Think About Practical Considerations

As you begin to drill down into the details a little more, it is important to think not only about the site but also about how exactly the building will be used. Practical considerations to consider include:

  • Will you need utilities to be run to the new pool side room or sauna room? (Water, electricity, plumping for a WC/ shower or bathroom, phone lines, WiFi?)
  • Will you require cooking facilities in your new garden building?
  • How will you light the new building?
  • Will the space require heating? (And how would you like it to be heated?)
  • Will you need air-conditioning for the space? (And what type of system might you consider?)

These are just some things that it will be important to consider. Of course, at this stage, it will also be helpful to think about how much money you have to play with, and how soon you would like your new building to be completed.

Consult An Expert & Discuss Options for Your Pool Side Room or Sauna Room

By now, you should have a much clearer idea in your own head of what you would like and what you need, and the practical elements to be considered. This is a good time to reach out, and sit down with an expert who can help you further distil your ideas and come up with a workable plan for your new pool side room or sauna room.

You should talk about:

  • The materials used in their pool rooms (and their sustainability).
  • Whether they offer bespoke designs, and what ideas you already have in mind.
  • Your site, and its advantages and limitations.
  • How you plan to use your new garden building.
  • How construction works, and how much of the work they offer.
  • Options for windows and doors and other constructional elements.
  • Insulation, heating and lighting options (what is included, and what could be added).
  • Utilities connection (and whether or not these things are included).
  • Timeframes and costs.

Revisit Your Designs & Consider Finishing Touches

By now, you should have a much better idea of what is possible. You should have a clear idea of what you would like and what you need. Sitting down with an expert will have shown you what is possible. All that remains is to revisit your designs and come up with a final build option.

Then all that remains is to order the works, and then add all those small finishing touches to add your own personal stamp. Follow this process and the reality of your new pool side room or sauna room is far more likely to meet with and even potentially to exceed your wildest dreams.

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