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Living Inspired By Nature

Wooden construction kits allow you to create a range of buildings to enhance sustainability. Garden lodges, garden sheds and other wood-frame garden buildings make it easier to live in harmony with the natural world. Living inspired by nature should be an aspiration for all those who wish to live in a more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable way. A wooden garden studio, garden office, summerhouse, garden room or glamping cabin could allow people to do just that. For businesses and individuals looking to turn over a new, green leaf, one of our wooden construction kits could literally be life changing.

Why Build With Wood?

Wood is a great material. It is sustainable, natural and healthy. There are a number of reasons to build with wood when creating new structures for your business or home garden.

Wood Is a Sustainable, Eco-friendly Material Choice

Those who want to reduce their carbon footprints will be glad to learn that wood sourced from a sustainable woodland or forest and managed well can be better than carbon neutral over the course of its lifetime. The carbon sequestered by the trees before they are felled can more than make up for those potentially released in their processing and transportation. Using wood, therefore, can be a far greener choice than choosing other traditional building materials.

What is more, wood buildings continue to be a sustainable choice during their lifetimes. Wooden structures can easily be designed in such a way as to reduce energy use, through the principles of passive solar design. Wood is a naturally breathable material, and can gently absorb and release moisture to create a more stable air temperature and humidity level. In a well designed garden building, this can mean that less input of energy is required to maintain a comfortable living environment.

The rate at which heat escapes through wood is relatively low, because of the porous nature of the material. This means that a wooden lodge can stay warmer for longer than certain other types of garden building, which can also somewhat reduce energy required for heating the space.

Wood is also more sustainable than many other construction materials used to create garden lodges and other such structures when it comes to the end of its natural life. Well designed and built wooden buildings can last a long time. But when they do reach the end of their useful lives, the material will simply biodegrade naturally. Living inspired by nature means following nature’s patterns. Everything in nature returns eventually to replenish the system. Sustainable building materials should do the same.

Wood is Good For Human Health and Wellbeing

Wood is not only good for our planet, it is good for people too. Living or spending time in a wooden garden studio or other wooden building is good for your health. As a breathable material, wood contributes to creating a pleasant and healthy environment where everyone can breathe easy.

What is more, wood gives off a fragrant scent. The smell of wood not only soothes and calms but also has a beneficial effect on the airways. As a natural material, it will not cause allergies. Nor will it harbour toxins that could be detrimental to human health like many synthetic building materials.

Being around wood reminds us of being in a natural woodland or forest environment. This can help to reduce stress and help us to feel grounded, connected to the natural world, calm and secure. The colour, texture and beautiful grains of wood are inherently aesthetically pleasing. They can be used to create a beautiful and inspiring space. Wood, simply put, can make our minds delight and our souls soar.

Why Build Garden Lodges?

There are many reasons to build garden lodges or other outdoors buildings. We’ve discussed why building with wood is such a good idea. But why should we build such structures in the first place?

Whatever sort of garden lodges or garden buildings you wish to create, building a wooden structure outdoors can allow people to forge a closer connection with the natural world. In our modern world, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors – in box-like rooms. We often loose our sense of connection to nature. Reclaiming that connection is one of the main reasons to build garden lodges or other similar buildings. Contemporary garden buildings allow us to free our minds and break free of the daily grind.

Being surrounded by nature, especially in a garden studio or other building made from wood or other natural materials, can inspire us. We can feel closer to nature and observe its patterns, and learn from it to live in a more wholesome and sustainable way.

What Can A Garden Building Be Used For?

A wooden construction kit could be used to create a simple structure that can be used in a range of different ways. For example, you might use a garden building as:

  • Simple relaxation space. Garden lodges or garden rooms can be great places to unwind and look out onto a beautiful plant-filled view.
  • A garden shed, or a space to expand your home food growing activities.
  • A home office – so you can work the way you want to.
  • A garden studio – for art, music or other creative pastimes.
  • A hobby cabin or workshop – where you can enjoy your favourite crafts and pursuits.
  • A sauna or pool cabin.
  • A home gym or yoga retreat.
  • A kids’ playhouse, club house or den.
  • A guest cabin.
  • A garage, storage space or bike store.

Businesses could also consider using one of these wooden buildings as an office, reception or cabin for paying guests.

And these are just some of the ways to use one of these garden lodges. Living inspired by nature will be much easier with the addition of one of these useful, beautiful and sustainable structures.

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