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Log Cabin Kits Buyers Guide

Building a log cabin is easier than ever before when you choose one of our log cabin kits. A log cabin kit will provide almost all of the materials you need to build a complete log cabin. Building from a kit is far simpler than building a log cabin from scratch. But the huge choice of elements can be confusing for someone who has not purchased one before. To make things even easier, we’ve put together this basic log cabin kits buyers guide, to help you make the right choices, and understand these kits, and the materials and parts involved.

Why Buy A Log Cabin Kit?

Creating a log cabin style building is a sustainable choice. Wood is an inherently eco-friendly material. When sustainably managed and produced, it can be better than carbon neutral over the course of its lifetime. It is long-lasting and yet will not cause a waste problem at the end of its useful life. What is more, the material has excellent breathability and thermal properties. These properties not only make it delightful to spend time in, but can also give the building excellent energy efficiency.

But in today’s busy world, few of us have the time (or time to develop the skills) to build a log cabin from scratch. A log cabin kit gives you the advantages without the need to labor on an ambitious build project.

What is more, the log cabin kits are pre-designed to satisfy building codes and permits. So the hassle of navigating the minefield of paperwork for a self-build has been removed.

The log cabin kit gives you all the elements you need to make the shell of your cabin. Read on to learn a little more about what a log cabin kit is, what is included, and what additional elements will still be required.

What is a Log Cabin Kit?

A log cabin kit is a ‘turn key’ solution for building the basic structure of a log cabin. It is a carefully designed series of constructional elements that can be pieced together on site in a simple, step-by-step process.

The logs that form the walls of the log home or log cabin structure are machine finished for a smooth texture. Each log is identical, which means that they can easily be fixed together to form the structure, with limited chinking. Uniformity means you can rest assured that your garden building will be solid, secure and will truly stand the test of time.

What is Included in a Log Cabin Kit?

A log home kit contains all the key materials required for:

  • The log walls of your log cabin.
  • The roofing required for the structure.
  • Windows and doors.
  • And the flooring.

In our kits, northern fir is used for constructional timbers and logs, and the windows and doors are made from pine.

How Do the Parts Fit Together?

All of the parts included in the log cabin kit fit together using a clever interlocking system. The interlocking parts fit together easily, and far more quickly than would be possible with a traditional log cabin build.

What Else Will Be Needed To Create Your Log Cabin?

The log cabin kit will provide the shell of the structure, and bring you a lot closer to a finished build. But it is important to understand that additional elements will also be required.

Before you start building your log cabin, you will need to find a suitable site. Once you have, you will need to undertake groundworks and create suitably sturdy foundations for your new log home. You will need to create a suitable sub floor upon which the elements of the log cabin kit can be placed.

Before beginning your build, you may also wish to consider running utilities such as water and/or electricity if these are required for your new building.

The interior floor will also need, however the floor boards are included in the kit as default.

Once you have built your log cabin kit, remember – this will only be a shell. You may also wish to consider the addition of kitchens, bathrooms, interior doors, and any interior finishes that you then wish to add. It is important to consider interior décor and any additional finishes that might be required to achieve the interior look and feel you are going for.

Exactly what is required inside will, of course, depend on the uses of your log cabin. Think carefully about how the space will be used. This will help you to work out what else will be required.

Regardless of how you ultimately intend to use your log cabin, the log cabin kit will bring you a lot closer, more quickly, to your end goal. It will help you move closer to achieving your dream build.

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