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Log House With Modern Details
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Log House With Modern Details

A log house with modern details at the bottom of your garden could be the perfect summer house. A summer house is perfect for a range of settings. Choosing to build a log house for the purpose could be an ideal solution. With their classical design but modern styling, they are the perfect blend of old and new. But why should you choose to build a summer house in this style? Where should you site one? What design considerations are there? And what should you do with it once it has been built? Read on to find out more.

What is a Summer House?

A freestanding summerhouse is a building independent from your home that serves as additional living space. Usually, you will find summer houses at the bottom of a garden, though they can also find a place in a range of different settings. Generally, a summer house is a light-filled garden building, with plenty of glazing. It is a little like a conservatory, though not attached to your home. However, it can be made to your specifications and you can reduce glazing if you want a little more privacy.

These garden rooms are often bespoke – designed to meet a clients needs and wishes. So you can find summerhouses in all sorts of shapes and sizes and should be able to get a garden building that perfectly meets your needs.

Why Build a Log House With Modern Details As a Summer House?

A log house or log cabin with modern details can be the ideal choice for a summerhouse. The timber is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. It is a way to improve your life and live inspired by nature. It is also far more in keeping with the natural environment, and can look delightful in a garden setting.

The natural and eco-friendly construction material means that it can blend in with the plants in the surrounding area, to create a pleasing and harmonious effect. The modern detailing means that though such a summerhouse has a traditional feel – it also keeps your garden looking fresh and up to date.

The solid construction and materials of a log house mean that it will last. They also create a healthy and calming environment, and one that is extremely aesthetically pleasing. A log cabin summer house will be somewhere you will be very glad to spend time.

Where to Site a Summer House

If you are considering a summer house, one of the first things to think about is exactly where you will place it. In the northern hemisphere, it is ideal to have most of the glazing on the south side, so it gets the most sun. However, an east facing summerhouse will get the morning light, and a west facing one could be lovely in the evening. Think about where the light comes from throughout the year, and when you are most likely to use it.

Of course, you will also have to think about the layout of your existing garden, and the space that is available. Consider how easy it will be for you to walk to and from your new garden cabin, and what the view from the new summer house will be like.

You will also have to consider whether the site in question is flat, or whether it can be made so. It could also be a good idea to consider the prevailing wind direction, and how exposed or sheltered your new log cabin will be.

Design Considerations For Your Log House

In addition to thinking about where to place your summerhouse, and the limitations and constrictions of the site, it is also important to think about other design considerations. Passive solar design will help you determine a design that works well for the light levels on the site. But over and above this, you should also think about other things, such as heating, lighting, insulation, air-conditioning, and which utilities might be required. Be sure to think not just about how the structure will look, but also how you will actually use it.

What Could a Summer House Be Used For?

There are a wide range of ways that you might actually use your summer house. For example, it might be a place to read, or a space for quiet contemplation. It might be a place where you entertain friends. You might use your summerhouse for gardening or growing your own, or to make gardening efforts easier and more enjoyable.

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